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œcos is a pioneering company and world leader in the development and provision of pheromone and sticky insect traps for agriculture/horticulture.

We supply worldwide, with customers in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Japan and the Middle East. In 1978 œcos became the first company in Europe to develop a pheromone monitoring product, with its Cydia nigricana (Pea Moth) System. This system took three years to develop and was one of the first in the world to give predictive pest thresholds from a trap catch. To this day, it remains one of the most reliable systems for use in any crop.

œcos – 21st century industry leader

Pheromone systems

There is an ever expanding range of pheromones and attractants available for use in pheromone systems. œcos continues to ensure its place at the forefront of this technology with its own chemistry synthesis and analysis capability, first developed in 1999.

Sticky Traps

Oecotak – the non-setting insect-trapping adhesive developed by œcos – has been accepted as an international standard in insect trapping glues, and is used worldwide in research projects with insects as diverse as thrips in Malaysia, armyworm in East Africa and simulium in West African Rivers.

œcos has developed its own specialised machinery for the application of Oecotak.

Field research and experimentation

œcos has provided material for Governmental organisations and International Development and Aids Agencies throughout the world.

œcos has worked with:

  • Natural Resources Institute UK to produce an attractant system for borer pests in West Africa Processors and Growers Research Organisation UK to look at control measures for pea moth and pea midge on legumes Horticulture Research Institute UK to investigate use of pheromone attractants with pathogenic fungi in top fruit.
  • Rothamsted Research UK to establish pheromone monitoring system for pollen beetle in oilseed rape.

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