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This has been jointly funded by Defra – LINK & HGCA at Rothamsted

The Oecos Pollen Beetle monitoring system was the product of a HGCA/Link project funded to develop an integrated pest management strategy for control of Pollen beetle in winter oil-seed rape.

Pollen beetles can cause damage to oil-seed rape at the green-yellow bud stage, – causing bud abscission and yield loss.

Pollen beetles are becoming resistant to pyrethroid insecticides throughout Europe. Although the trap cannot detect optimum timing for spray application (i.e., when spray thresholds have been breached) it can offer an easier and more accurate monitor of when the beetles are entering the crop than plant scouting methods.

Using a monitoring system gives greater accuracy than visual observations in field assessments as it offers a continuous monitor regardless of time of day or weather conditions giving a cumulative measure over several days. The trap is more attractive than the crop when at the damage-susceptible green-yellow bud stage, so beetles will be found on the traps before they are found in the crop. If there a none on the traps, there are none in the crop!