Rollertrap is a continuous roll of yellow plastic film, coated on both sides with Oecotak insect trapping glue.  It is intended for use in trapping large numbers of insects, particularly in protected cropping, but will have applications in outdoor crops, where dust is not a significant problem.

Oecotak insect trapping glue is a non-drying adhesive specially formulated for the trapping of flying insects.  The colour of Rollertrap has been selected as being a very attractive colour for insects, which become entangled and held in the glue when seeking to land on the trap.

Rollertrap is supplied in rolls of 100 metre lengths.  The film on which the glue is placed is either 15mm or 30mm in width.


Instructions for use


Exactly how Rollertrap is used depends on the application to which it is being used.


Protected crops


If Rollertrap is to be used in small sections, cut off the roll, it is desirable for the roll to be suspended in a convenient place, out of the way of passing operators.

Once in position, Rollertrap may be unwound by holding the edges of the product and pulling the unglued lead end, which may be cut off and discarded.

Pull down the desired length of Rollertrap and cut off with a sharp hobby knife or similar.  The section of Rollertrap thus cut off from the roll may be carried by holding the two unglued edges to the desired position.  The sections of Rollertrap should be replaced on an "as required" basis.  The non-drying insect trapping glue, Oecotak, used in the manufacture of Rollertrap is inactivated when full of trapped insects, or when covered by dust or by debris.

Rollertrap should be used where small amounts of glue contamination are not going to present a future problem.


Row crops


Where a crop has a physical structure, as with fruit trees, or where there is the presence of a super-structure to support the crop, as in certain vines, Rollertrap may be spun down the crop row, by winding the Rollertrap around the trunk or the super-structure to hold it in position.

An alternative, is to pin Rollertrap in position by nailing or stapling Rollertrap to a wooden super-structure supporting vines.  In such a situation, Rollertrap should be rolled out down the side facing into the prevailing winds, so that the product is blown in towards the crop row being protected.  It is desirable to use a more rigid plastic overlay immediately beneath the staple or nail heads to prevent them penetrating through the Rollertrap in windy conditions.




Oecotak insect trapping glue is very sticky.  It may be cleaned from the hands by the use of good quality proprietary hand cleaner and from other surfaces by using white spirit.

In cold conditions the adhesive can make the product difficult to unroll.  When this occurs, it is best to keep the product in a warm place overnight prior to use.  When warm, the Oecotak adhesive becomes slightly softer and the product is then much easier to unroll.

Rollertrap (5cm x 100mts)


due to popular demand oecos have launched a narrow, ribbon style Rollertrap which is easy to use and should prove to be a very versitle product