Trapping Systems

Garden Chafer Trap

Garden Chafer Trap (Phyllopertha horticola)

Chafer grubs are a destructive pest of lawns and grass areas. They can also attack vegetables, annuals and some bulb plants. The adult beetles have also been known to cause damage to apples in orchards. Large numbers of grubs cause grass to turn yellow and the roots can be completely consumed. The grubs also attract wildlife like badgers and birds to rip up the grass looking for the grubs to feed on.

Pea Moth System

Pea Moth Monitoring System (Cydia nigricana)

Research as shown that in dry harvesting peas for human and animal consumption and seed crops, a very good guide to the timing of insecticide sprays can be obtained by the use of this pheromone trap. The Oecos Pea Moth Monitoring System will effectively monitor a field of up to 50 hectares in area./p>

Horse Chestnut Monitoring System

Horse Chestnut Monitoring System (Cameraria ohridella)

Monitoring system for the Horse Chestnut Leafminer as this pest is becoming a major problem in the United Kingdom affecting many Horse Chestnut trees.

Raspberry Beetle Trap

Raspberry Beetle Trap (Byturus tomentosus)

The Raspberry Beetle trap incorporates two methods of attracting the Raspberry beetle. The is based on a funnel trap, commonly used for catching insects. The trap has white cross vanes attached to it. These cross vanes mimic a giant raspberry flower to attract the Raspberry beetle.

Wasp and Fly Trap

Wasp & Fly Trap

Wasp Trap with a natural attractant which can be refilled.


An alternative to using DDVP insecticidal strips or water to kill trapped insects for use with standard and economy Funnel Traps.